Apr 13

Texas Holdem Limit: Advice

By: pidayinternational.org Category: Poker

Our aim is to introduce a few little tips that are often not offered, but that every beginner should know when playing poker. Play the free game from pokeronline-gratis.it to learn how to play Poker

Playing the Blinds

When you sit at a table to watch as six position relative to the blinds.

Do not just play the big blind, in the long run could cost you a lot of money. Wait till I arrive after a few hands.


When playing online you have sliders some buttons to select in advance call, raise or fold after you have received the cards. It ‘not to use these buttons (except the fold early) because the other players think you have acted instantly and then collect information on the way you play certain hands.

Number of tables

For each learner is essential to begin to play only a table, to put full attention to the game and other players. Immediately play at multiple tables simultaneously can be very harmful because it ends up being very focused on all tables.

It ‘s very important to insert breaks in each session. For example, do 5 to 10 minute break after every hour at the computer, can be as critical. Use this break to rifocillarti, do 2 steps or go to the bathroom. Playing in difficult situations, whether you are winning or losing, it can affect very negatively in your game and then into your profits.

Table selection

A very important factor to consider is that when you are about to choose a table at which sit, especially if you play higher limits, you should try a table with many players who look at the flop with cards often are not particularly nice ending to create multiple tables consistent.

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